Friday, December 29, 2006

Spacerope WIP (Pt.2): Cable

The first picture shows the rough model of the train. The second one is a view on an engine-plattform, with rotatable thrusters, along the cable. The small ship is inspecting some damage done by meteorites (I still have to add this). And the last rendering is an idea for the cable-technicians, working on the damaged areas.
I found the detailed martian texture at The Celestia Motherlode.
The next WIP-parts will follow soon....


Andrew Glazebrook said...

The spacesuit reminds me of the suits that they wore in Star Trek:The Motion Picture,only with a bigger helmet. Looking amazing so far !! Keep up the great work and all the best for 2007 !!

Drakath said...

Thanks! And happy new year too!

I had recently some doubts about this project (somehow I always fear that my work is too normal or conservative), so it's nice to read that you like it. :)