Friday, July 25, 2008

Managers and Leaders - Part 2

After sketching the basic layout, I used the drawings as close reference for the 3D scenes. The 3D version of the last illustration is missing because I haven't found a rendering of the wip-process.
I liked these early pictures, but after the first meeting with the people from the Business Manager I had to make a lot of changes...

At first I wanted to mix a drawing of the author with the 3D scene, to avoid making a 3D character (I haven't done this before). But during the process I wasn't happy with the result (they were to bad to be shown here ;)), so finally, I had to make a 3D character.
Another challenge was that there was only one useful portrait of the author, I could use for the 3D model:

I'll post the last part tomorrow or sunday...

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