Thursday, March 26, 2009

ISS2 Power Station Module

The ISS2 Solar Dynamic Power Station is the biggest module and build to provide cooling capacity and enough energy for the fully developed space station.
The big parabolic mirrors concentrate the incoming sunlight onto the mast top, smaller dishes concentrate the lightrays again and reflect them back to the energy generator between the main mirrors.
The circulating fluid inside the box is heated up, fades into steam, builds up pressure, drives a small turbine and finally energy is created.
After passing the turbine the steam is cooled down (via the small radiators), fades again into fluid and the cycle is closed.

Both slewable mirrrors are placed at the end to two masts that are rotateable around the center-line for optimal sun-tracking.

And two close-up's of the forward docking port and the main cooling radiators.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

This is really awesome work man, I love the details on this !!!