Sunday, September 06, 2009

Clipper Launch Vehicle - Rear

I think I haven't shown the launch vehicle for the Clipper, yet. The first render shows the five-rocket-bundle of the 1st and 2nd stage, and the bottom picture the central-stage after separating the outer rocket-modules.

Because of my attempt to create a believable 3D-model the design is heavily inspired by first mock-ups and prototypes of the russian Angara-rocket.


fregate said...

Kliper supposed to be launched on Angara-3 LV (that rocket has 2 side boosters). On your models I could clearly see Angara-5 with 4 side boosters.

Keep doing a good work - Still a GREAT art.

Armin Schieb said...

Hi Fregate,
the original Kliper design already was near the the payload-limit of the mid-sized Angara and because spacecrafts always get heavier than expected I took the luxury and chose the heavier variant of the rocket.
It's just my interpretation...

Thanks for your feedback